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Something Special - Laser FX

Inflatable screen / Scrim screens

Maybe your venue doesnt have a wall ,maybe you just need a screen for other projections , we can offer an Inflatable Laser / Movie / Info screen , portable - Quick and impressive . Many different sizes from small to HUGE ,our screens can create IMPACT ! 5 to 20m high.



Wow , the coolest thing about a waterscreen is that it sneaks up on your audience ..... one minute they are happily sipping a drink , the next they are soaked ! Only joking , turn it on and seconds later you have what looks like a very impressive huge fountain which can be painted any colour with lights ... turn the lights off and then you have the most incredible movie / laser screen you will ever see. You can project any image such as dvds/powerpoint/advertisments or we specialise in projecting amazing spectacular awesome 3D effect laser images .Typical waterscreens are 8m to 30m high ..oh and err you need a LOT of water at the site ( river / lake ) (Fire hydrant for a 5m screen )

LASER SHOW Scotland are a new business in Glasgow promoting businesses though the use of mobile laser projectors. Please contact us if you would like a FREE 15-30 minute show projecting on the outside of your building promoting and attracting attention to your venue though the use of spectacular glitzy eye catching laser light . This advertising medium will used with fully animated eye catching images and logos and text can also be created for special promotions and events . Its been proven this service pays for itself by extra revenue created by extra visitors to your venue who will pay for entry or purchase your services such as meals and drinks . In a crowded market, the use of animated graphics , is a sure fire way of making your venue stand out . A temporary mobile laser projection for a few hours on Key Revenue nights we beleive would allow you to promote your business , and attract attention to your venue rather than a competitor. Ideal for trade shows , conferences , spectacular outdoor events : Contact PAUL 0870 321 7888
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