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So What can we do ? Heres some typical Bookings

Venue launches / Promotions

You cant beat Laser light to make people STOP and look , an awesome laser show on the external building of your venue will simply make people STOP and look at the event and remember your venue and TALK about it .... laser shows are quite unusual and attract attention .... most external shows atttract a small crowd.



Add something really special to your evening , our wedding packages are £500 , £800 and with all the trimmings £1200. We bring along an outdoor sound system , outdoor smoke machines , and 5 laser systems , a large screen to display messages and some fireworks to start and end the show.You can end the night with bang or start the night off with some excitement before the disco starts. We do something special and people talk about our service as being the most memorable part of the entertainment.



Use our service for an external laser show to attract people in , people stop and look and watch and talk about it , combine this with adverts for your offers or discount entry and this service has been proven to pay for itself .If you are in an area with many surrounding clubs THIS WILL MAKE YOU STAND OUT !! End the night on a high with an internal laser show as a thankyou to the people public for using your venue !


Awards Ceremony

Wow , theres nothing better than your invitees turning up to some spectacular scanning laser light on the night , we can TAKE over the venue and take it look as though its all yours , branded with your awards , and animated over the building they will think they are turning up at the Oscars , bring a bit of Hollywood to your venue ! We can also help with internal show too , reinforcing the brand or announcing the winners in spectacular laser light !!


Arts / Music / Gigs

Ok you might not be Pink Floyd yet , but we can announce your arrival Big Style with laser animations and your bands name in Laser light on the venue buildings and then make your gig memorable with a spectacular laser show during the event.


Conferences / Exhibitions

When the event opens we can offer external projections with your logos or latest products to reinforce your brand on delegates arrival, when you launch a product we can offer some high tech looking ,glitzy laser lighting around its launch for impact and effect. During the event we can reinforce points or products with text or animations and end with a spectacular laser show that will make your event memorable !


Film Shoots / TV

Maybe you need a laser matrix , some stunning tunnels for a music video or some outdoor smoke to create that magical atmosphere , fully insured to 5 million pounds , call in the proffesionals and ensure your film shoots go smoothly.


LASER SHOW Scotland are a new business in Glasgow promoting businesses though the use of mobile laser projectors. Please contact us if you would like a FREE 15-30 minute show projecting on the outside of your building promoting and attracting attention to your venue though the use of spectacular glitzy eye catching laser light . This advertising medium will used with fully animated eye catching images and logos and text can also be created for special promotions and events . Its been proven this service pays for itself by extra revenue created by extra visitors to your venue who will pay for entry or purchase your services such as meals and drinks . In a crowded market, the use of animated graphics , is a sure fire way of making your venue stand out . A temporary mobile laser projection for a few hours on Key Revenue nights we beleive would allow you to promote your business , and attract attention to your venue rather than a competitor. Ideal for trade shows , conferences , spectacular outdoor events : Contact PAUL 0870 321 7888
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