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Large Scale Events

LaserAds can offer a service CRUCIAL to communicating your safety messages to an audience.

Our mobile laser control unit is IDEAL for this situation , our service can be both entertaining and offer a safety awareness / lost children notification / pickpocket alert Etc Etc , the system is totally flexible for any message !! Should the need arise , we can project your URGENT message providing a Instant Billboard for information and instantanous safety messages to an audiance. Including Timer countdown to launch of fireworks / events or more serious information should the need arise.

This combination of entertainment and Instant safety messages makes our service invauable and incredible value for money , of course if you prefer we can be simply dedicated to safety, projecting St Johns Ambulance/lost children/Police messages Etc , whatever your message if you need it communicated to THOUSANDS of people instantly we can help !! "L" shaped areas or separate areas can be covered utilising multiple projectors in different locations , ideal for crowd management / control !!

We can project laser animations onto buildings for fun /promotion or for public safety , the messages can be created INSTANTANOUSLY so can be used very effectively during an ongoing incident . Where sound can sometime be difficult to hear in a crowd situation a LARGE bright flashing message at the top of a building ETC can be seen by the whole crowd , entertaining laser animations can also be used if no safety messages are required at that time , also the animations attract attention and can be intersected with annoucements to ensure the public watch and see and take heed of any information provided.


LASER SHOW Scotland are a new business in Glasgow promoting businesses though the use of mobile laser projectors. Please contact us if you would like a FREE 15-30 minute show projecting on the outside of your building promoting and attracting attention to your venue though the use of spectacular glitzy eye catching laser light . This advertising medium will used with fully animated eye catching images and logos and text can also be created for special promotions and events . Its been proven this service pays for itself by extra revenue created by extra visitors to your venue who will pay for entry or purchase your services such as meals and drinks . In a crowded market, the use of animated graphics , is a sure fire way of making your venue stand out . A temporary mobile laser projection for a few hours on Key Revenue nights we beleive would allow you to promote your business , and attract attention to your venue rather than a competitor. Ideal for trade shows , conferences , spectacular outdoor events : Contact PAUL 0870 321 7888
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