Promote Your Business


Through the use of mobile laser projectors let us promote your business , making your business stand out .We can produce any company name or logo tailored to suit your companies current promotion. Instant mobile outdoor advertising !! We can also make your wedding the most memorable and talked about wedding !with our spectacular wedding show. Venue lunches , promotions , nightclubs , award ceremonies , art festivals , music festivals and gigs , conferences , film shoots and anywhere you want people to go WOW and remember your event ! We can help just call !

EVENT SAFETY : Crucial to any large scale events you are organizing is communicating with your public , we can offer INSTANT live ongoing messages communicated to your audience as a dedicated safety feature or integrated with a laser show with safety messages INSTANTLY AVAILABLE LIVE should the need arise ..integrate us as part of your safety policy today ! See event safety in menu above !

Get More Customers

Attract attention to your venue though the use of spectacular glitzy eye catching animated laser light. You should become one of the first companies in Scotland to use this new unique form of promotional advertising.

Advertise with the power of brilliant-colored lighting effects instead of static billboards that blend into the background! Display your company’s logos, web sites (URL’s), products, slogans, and graphics with projections up to 100 feet ‘ in size. AdLaser produces fully-animated laser commercials, which draw thousands of walk and drive-by customers! Ideal for Product launches , branding reinforcement or adding a bit of glitz to your corporate event or awards event.

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